Spring-Summer 2022 Collection

Deauville as a wind of freedom

For Spring-Summer 2022 Laurence Bossion takes us to Deauville in the 20s and 30s. The sea air whips our cheeks and intoxicates us. On the beach, bodies are freed from the shackles of corsets and all constraints. On the sand, bobs, caps in classic blue, white and red tones and stripes are present. Further on, the tones of the beach toys and their graphic or playful forms are echoed. On the boards, light silhouettes appear dressed in loose and supple trousers, flowing tops, their capelines are wide and refined. They dance with the wind. The women live outside, open to leisure activities and sports, enjoying sea bathing, the fresh air and swimming. At sunset, chic evenings are organised, black rock pearls, ivory and gold reflections take pride of place on the headdresses of these new sirens. Their beauty thus sublimated illuminates the faces of these newly liberated women.

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