Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 collection

Between Fire and Ice

We are immersed in the heart of a land of extremes and contrasts, in search of a balance between fire and ice, mineral and animal. The anthracite mineral blocks rise up and the red veins gush out. Red captivates us with its power and strength like molten lava emerging from volcanoes. Simplicity and purity are found in forms that leave room for gradations. The crystalline blue-grays fuse with the snow and ice and mingle with the shimmering sea. The magic happens when the sun declines and the sky turns to indigo violet to welcome the vibrant tones of the northern lights. The ripples and fluctuations leave their silvery marks like small lakes or their memories. Wrapped in a soft fur, we walk along the rocky paths to regenerate ourselves in the heart of Nature. to regenerate ourselves in the heart of nature. Without braving it, simply in contemplation, let us slide towards a perfect symbiosis with it.

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