Spring-Summer 2021 collection

From my garden...

For the summer of 2021, Laurence Bossion invites us into her garden for a contemplation in an impressionist landscape. Her need to escape has resulted in a country and bucolic stroll. Under the summer sun, the authentic, slightly rustic materials, which are part of our history, our experience, our roots, are highlighted. Dear to us, their marks, almost scars, bear witness to their past... and to ours. We are attached to them, we love them and take care of them. In her hands, the milliner highlights and underlines the patina and the work of time. As a creative constraint she likes to give this orientation to her collections. So let's go for a walk in the heart of this barely manicured and yet lovingly cared for nature, in which the colours bathed in light are so many accents. The palette of warm, gourmand tones, poppy reds and fuchsia clusters juxtapose with the muted, neutral tones of the aquatic grey expanses illuminated by aniseed green.

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